4 top tips for exercising when Pregnant

4 top tips for exercising when Pregnant

When I was pregnant with Emilia I was working in the fitness industry and exercising was a massive part of my life. I was personal training and working out most days. I managed to maintain a lot of my training and workouts during pregnancy and only stopped when I left the gym at 36 weeks pregnant. Even then I stayed active and was at my pregnancy birthing and movement class the night I went into labour.

I never managed to get back to this level after Emilia, and wouldn’t consider myself to be particularly active. I had started exercising again but not to the same level. So I am a bit of beginner again.

When I found out I was pregnant I wanted to make sure I was as healthy as I could be. I knew it needed to be a bit more simple, that the advice in my previous pregnancy wouldn’t be the same and I would have to take it a lot easier. So if like me you want to move more in pregnancy and stay safe here are some of my top tips.

  • Walk More. It’s free, it’s simple and doesn’t require any fancy equipment or money. You can add it into your daily life, or dedicate more specific times to head out and get your steps up.
  • Swimming. Swimming in pregnancy is a great workout. There’s no strain on your joints and as your bump gets bigger the water helps to support your weight. I love swimming, whilst it’s a little more time consuming than walking it is another great example of simple exercise you can take up in pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy Specific Classes. This pregnancy I have started going to an aqua natal fitness class which I love but there are lots you can try. In my first pregnancy I did Daisy Birthing which included some pregnancy yoga moves, sadly there are not any in my area this time around but I would highly recommend trying them if you can. But just have a look in your area for pregnancy specific classes, there may be loads including yoga, pilates and even pre-natal trained personal trainers that can help you out.
  • Online help or Apps. This pregnancy I have turned to some different apps to help guide my workouts, my favourite is the Jennis App from Jessica Ennis-Hill but there are so many others. My wonderful friend Hanna also sells a pregnancy e-guide you can purchase from her site here which looks amazing.

There are so many options when it comes to keeping fit and healthy during pregnancy. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about feeling fitter and stronger. I have definitely noticed a difference this pregnancy to my last as I am nowhere near the level of fitness I was before. Exercise can really help in pregnancy so don’t be afraid to move. Just make sure you check with your GP or midwife before doing anything new.

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