5 simple self care tips

5 simple self care tips

As a busy Mum I don’t often get time to relax and look after myself. I know how important self care is, but it always gets pushed to the bottom of the pile. Self care can be crucial for our physical and mental well being. It is so important to try and maintain a healthy relationship with yourself. It can also help remind you and others that your needs are important as well.

One of my aims for 2020, especially as a pregnant Mama, is to try and spend a little bit more time on me. You can’t pour from an empty cup as they say. Not having much time to focus on long self care tasks I aim to do something simple once a week.

One of my absolute favorite little self care tasks is to paint my nails. Sounds super simple and it is, but I just feel so much better with a manicure.

If I have a little extra time getting them done professionally is preferable but just doing them myself at home gives me that extra boost. I also find having a pedicure adds that extra bit of luxury. Ooh I definitely want to book myself an appointment now.

Another favorite that I love but that I don’t do enough of is taking a bath. I find it so relaxing, just lying back in some hot bubbly water. It can be the ultimate luxury and chill time. As long as you keep the little ones out, leave your phone outside you can just switch off.

I am a huge coffee lover and taking myself off for a coffee always feels like a treat. Throw in some cake and a book and I’m one happy girl. I find getting out of the house really helps, you can watch the world go by or read or just zone out. There’s no jobs to do, your not thinking about what you could be doing you just get time to relax and enjoy a hot drink. Bonus if you’re a Mum.

Exercise has been part of my life for a really long time and it still helps me feel better about. I would definitely include it as a simple way of getting some self care in.

I find it such a great release of stress. It’s not always easy to get a full workout in, and i’ll be honest since having Emilia gym workouts have been few and far between. But I do love just getting out for a walk. Fresh air and a bit of exercise can be so good for us. I recently shared a post on ways to stay active in pregnancy, you can check it out here. I used to always walk Emilia for her naps, and it was amazing for me. Now I get out when I can, just head out the door (when someone has Emilia obviously) and walk.

Finally a relative new one for me meditation. I have been using the Insight app, just doing 5 or 10 minutes when I can. I love adding a Spacemask into the mix, these masks feel so indulgent. If you don’t know what they are you should definitely check them out. They are self heating eye masks that just feel super indulgent. Just using one of these is enough to relax me but I do try and add some guided meditation in as well.

I try to do my meditation before bed, and use it to help me switch off, empty my mind and get some better rest. Getting adequate rest is tough sometimes as a Mum but it’s so important to our overall health.

I know I don’t currently do enough of any of these little self care tasks but I really want to focus on me in the coming months and this is one way I hope to do it.

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