6 baby products we love & will be using again

6 baby products we love & will be using again

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The world of baby products can be a bit of a minefield. When we had Emilia we were still finishing off the renovations in our house and so we were actually very limited with what we had for her. We didn’t have a kitchen, our bathroom wasn’t finished and there wasn’t any flooring downstairs. We were basically living in one room, it wasn’t fun but it did mean we really only bought the essentials. Anything else we purchased after her arrival on recommendations.

There are so many baby products on the market to aid baby sleep, one we really wanted was the Snuzpod*.

I loved the idea of having Emilia right next to me, but I didn’t feel comfortable with co sleeping. It made the night feeds a lot easier and I could easily settle her when needed. We always had the side down and attached to our bed. We also bought the bassinet downstairs for naps once it was less of a building site and suitable for a baby. We used the Snuzpod until she didn’t fit in it anymore, which was around 5 months and I can’t wait to get it back out for baby girl 2.

One baby product we heard lots about was white noise.

We were bought a Ewan the Sheep and whilst it was great, we did find it had limitations. Someone recommended the Myhummy to us and we rushed out to get one. We loved the fact that it had a continuous play option, or it kicked in when baby stirs. We definitely noticed a difference to Emilia’s sleep when we introduced it so I plan to use it from birth this time. I am looking at one with the bluetooth technology this time so we can control it from our phones as well.

The Shnuggle* Bath was recommended to us a number of times and we loved it. It made bathing Emilia so easy, and didn’t take up too much space. We really got our use out of this, and again used it for as long as possible. It is suitable up to 12 months. It also meant we didn’t have to fill the bath every time so we saved water.

Emilia was a good sleeper up until the 4 month sleep regression hit. We then tried everything to get her to sleep better and one of the best things we tried was a newborn grobag. I think it made the transfer after feeds easier as she stayed warm . I definitely want to introduce these earlier this time. Emilia has actually only recently moved to a duvet at almost 2.5, we loved sleeping bags a lot.

I always knew I wanted to introduce Emilia to bottles even though I hoped to breastfeed. I wanted to use the bottle from time to time. Originally my plan was to give her expressed milk so a breast pump was needed. I loved the Haakaa* as it was simple and easy to use. Sadly once we switched to one sided feeding I couldn’t pump but hopefully this time it might work out.

As I mentioned I always had in my head that I wanted Emilia to take a bottle, maybe we won’t be as lucky next time but I’ll try again. We had huge success with the MAM* self sterlising bottles and so they will be my go to again. They were easy to sterilise in the microwave and Emilia took them with no problem.

It’s so easy to get sucked into the world of baby products, buying everything and anything you see or hear about but what works for one baby might not work for another. They are all so different.

I hope you find this useful and I would love to know what baby products you love.

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