8 Baby names we loved but never used

8 Baby names we loved but never used

Baby names have always been difficult for us, we really struggled picking a girls name for Emilia and so had similar struggles with Ava. Danny & I just never seem to agree. We have been through so many names for both girls, read the baby names books and had lots of suggestions thrown at us but both times we found it so hard to decide.

With Emilia we had her name picked out relatively early on as we just didn’t like anything else. We knew what her full name was going to be before she was born, with Ava we debated for the whole pregnancy, finally deciding once she was born.

As I love reading these type of blog posts I thought I would share some of our favourite baby names with you.

  • Lydia – This has always been my favourite name. It was my front runner for Emilia and would have been my top choice for our second baby girl. Sadly Danny has vetoed it from day one. I did say if due to the coronavirus pandemic I gave birth alone I would be calling our second baby girl Lydia but obviously that didn’t happen.
  • Sophie – As Lydia was my top choice, Sophie was Danny’s. But I just couldn’t get on board with it. Whilst it is a lovely name and I do think it fits with Emilia, I don’t feel in my heart it was the name for our daughters.
  • Isla – This was a maybe for both of us and one that made the potential shortlist. However as time went on we just never had that full sense of yes that is what my little girl will be called.
  • Imogen – This is one we discussed quite early on and I think it was mentioned with Emilia as well. But neither of us seem to absolutely love it so it has never made the final cut.
  • Edith – Another one of Danny’s favourites and I think he would have had it on our shortlist as a top contender but I just wasn’t sure about it. It’s a lovely name but I am not sure about names starting with the same letter. And I am just not sure it fits with Emilia. So it was never a serious contender for Ava.
  • Ottilie – This one was recommended by a friend and I really liked it but Danny has never been a fan, so it was quickly removed from any shortlists.
  • Freya – This was mentioned more with Emilia I think and again one I love and Danny doesn’t like. Danny isn’t very forthcoming with suggestions but likes to say No to most of my ideas.
  • Phoebe – I love this name, but again not one that Danny is really a fan of. I have to say that for me I don’t think it would be one we would use as I’m not sure I like the shortened versions. You really have to think of everything when choosing a name.

There are so many names out there and it becomes so incredibly difficult to choose, especially when you and your partner have different views. We have managed to make it easier both times by finding out the gender so luckily only had to look at girls names. I dread to think how hard we could have found it deciding on a boys name as well.

As you may be aware we finally settled on Ava for our second little girl. And with the second name we decided to go with a flower as Emilia’s middle name is Rose. I’m so glad we went with Ava Lily as I think it’s so beautiful.

Do you have any favourite baby names? Are there any on our list you love or hate?

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  1. Oh I love all of those! I think Imogen or Freya would be my top picks out of yours. Isabel, Ivy and Eliza are my current favourites but I’m not having kids any time soon ha.ha.

  2. I love the name Imogen. With Niamh we also had Natalie in the running, but decided on her Irish name (with my Dutch last name) instead of keeping it simple for everyone and go with the English one…

    With Benjamin we didn’t really have any boys’ names we absolutely loved.

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