Coronavirus Diary – 1

Coronavirus Diary – 1

Coronavirus is everywhere, there is no getting away from it. It is scary that we are living through such a terrible time in history. I have been debating writing and sharing our experiences of how we are dealing with the isolation, including dealing with pregnancy and preparing for a new baby. As time has passed I have decided to share it on my blog, so here is the first entry in my Coronavirus diary.

The news a few weeks ago that pregnant women were to be included in the vulnerable group hit me like a ton of bricks. I was eating dinner with my Mum and Emilia with the daily briefing on TV. I didn’t know how to feel, I was upset and scared. 12 weeks isolation, stay indoors, don’t see friends and family, the brutal reality of Coronavirus. At the time I was 25 weeks pregnant so 12 weeks would take me to 37 weeks, just weeks before my due date. And who knows if this will all be over by then, as time goes on I sadly feel maybe not.

As the evening of the 16th March continued and the shock began to fade, I started to accept that this would be our life for a while. Danny quickly arranged to work from home and our new reality began. The following week the nationwide lock down which was expected was announced and everyone faced a similar situation.

I used the first week we were home to settle into a new way of life.

It hasn’t been easy but we seem to have hit on a good routine. I have been amazed at the constant support online, from other bloggers, play accounts and the amount of people who have been able to take their classes online. Everything from Toddler groups to bake alongs, dancing to yoga, birthing classes to meditation it’s all there. I even registered for an online baby event and got some great bargains for bump.

Whilst I am using this time to slow down with an active 2 year old I definitely needed to make sure we had lots to keep her entertained. You can check out my recent blog post with the sorts of things we’ve been doing here. I have been a lot more relaxed with screen time, and as time has gone on I feel more comfortable allowing Emilia to just potter around instead of being on hand with a different task the moment she seems bored. Whilst we don’t have a set routine as such, others are sharing some great information about toddler routines in isolation, I love this post from Caitylis….Daily Routine in Coronavirus Isolation with a toddler.

I am hoping for more sunny weather as that definitely helped my mood and gave us another area to play in. I also have lots of other bits up my sleeve if they’re needed, including some Easter crafts and hopefully an Easter egg hunt if it all arrives.

Luckily Emilia seems to be adjusting well.

I think she is just happy to see Daddy a bit more, although so am I. She asks to see family sometimes, and to go swimming but she doesn’t seem to get upset. We haven’t really explained whats going on, I feel she is too young if I’m honest. I don’t think she needs to know. Others may feel differently but right now this approach is working for us.

One of the things that upsets me most is when we are walking, she is so sociable and loves animals, she finds it strange when no one with a dog walks past us. She doesn’t understand why she can’t stop to chat to them and stroke their dog. The sadness in her face brings me to tears sometimes.

Danny working from home is helping massively but we have been strict with the set up. He comes upstairs to the spare room when he starts work and we don’t see him until lunchtime. He then has some time with us before going back to work. It breaks up the day as Emilia and I are so used to having family over, going out or seeing friends. And he is around longer in the mornings and evenings as he doesn’t have much of a commute now!

So far my pregnancy hasn’t been affected, I have still had face to face midwife appointments and am booked in for growth scans. The birth centre I was scheduled to have birth in is not open for births at the moment, and there is a limit on the number of birthing partners allowed but I have chosen not to dwell on that at the moment. All the measures are there for our safety and as my due date gets closer I will prepare myself for birth whatever path that takes.

This situation isn’t easy, the coronavirus pandemic is terrifying.

I do have some extremely difficult days. I found myself crying when an online class wouldn’t work for Emilia, uncontrollably crying. I get stressed and upset when I think about how much we have to do to prepare for our baby girl’s arrival. I worry about family and someone getting ill. I felt sick when Danny had to go to the shop as we’ve been getting our food delivered. I worry about money, and how long this may go on for. It can feel so overwhelming.

I’m trying to take it day by day. And I’m sure we are all affected in different ways. There is no right or wrong way to deal with this situation.

I hope you are all managing to stay sane during this period, and are keeping safe.

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  1. It’s such a strange time at the moment isn’t it. We don’t have a strict routine but I’m trying to keep both girls occupied with plenty of activities. Fingers crossed the worst is over soon and normality will return x

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