Coronavirus Diary 3 – Staying Positive

Coronavirus Diary 3 – Staying Positive

It’s now been 6 weeks since the start of the coronavirus enforced lock down, and if you read my last diary post you’ll know I was feeling quite negative. It is getting harder and harder to stay positive and motivated. Especially when there’s no end date. I’m not saying I want to be given an end date as I know that’s difficult for anyone to predict. And I don’t think relaxing the measures is necessarily the right thing to do right now any way but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Nothing much has changed for us, Danny is still working full time and I am still battling to entertain Emilia.

There has been a bit of a change in the weather though, which isn’t ideal but hopefully it won’t make it too much more difficult. It’s just another Coronavirus battle to take on! One bonus of the rain is muddy puddles. There’s a road round the corner from us with lots of potholes so it is definitely somewhere we’ll be walking now the rain is here. Seeing Emilia splash about in puddles with a massive smile on her face was priceless.

I am finding the day to day quite tough at the moment, nothing seems to entertain Emilia for longer than a couple of minutes. All she wants to do is watch Bing on the TV. We do have the TV on throughout the day although I have always tried to limit how much she watches, of course it’s more at the moment but I really want to try and stimulate her as much as possible. I know I should go a little bit easier on myself, I am over 7 months pregnant now but I feel so guilty when all she does is watch TV.

I am contemplating trying to do a little bit more in terms of play set up and adding more structure to our day.

I absolutely love following Amyjaneandbaby on Instagram as she talks through her play set ups and has so many good ideas. I loved one she shared recently with big puzzles and doing part of it to encourage little ones to finish it.

I also have the Five Minute Mum book which I’ve mentioned before and I am definitely going to do some more play set ups for Emilia going forward. She is starting to learn letters so maybe we can do some of those games. And try and get her into watching some slightly more educational (and less annoying) TV programmes I need the TV to allow me some time to rest so I most definitely will not be banning it!

I know some people totally wing it and if that works for them great. And I know we are in a completely unprecedented situation so I should take the pressure off but I feel like this will help me. I do feel guilty when the TV is on, so if we can do a bit more interactive play then this will hopefully alleviate some of that. I’m just trying to get through it the best way I can. I am also conscious that I may struggle more as I get closer to my due date so the TV will definitely come into play more then.

In terms of pregnancy and how Coronavirus affected my plans I have had some more positive news.

They are reinstating home births with plans to go on to reopen the birth centre I wanted to give birth at in May. So hopefully I will be OK to go there as I’m not due until the end of June. I had come to terms with a lot of the implications, and watched a live tour of the hospital but if the birth centre is open I definitely want to go there. I am putting a lot of energy into preparing for the birth and the baby’s arrival so this has definitely given me some renewed positivity.

It is such a crazy situation we are living in, and I have to switch off from a lot of the coronavirus related news as it’s all a bit too much. I really hope it’s not too much longer until there’s some relaxation of the lockdown and I can see my family and friends again. I miss them all so much.

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  2. Eugh god it’s so hard isn’t it! Aaron is also working full time so that hasn’t changed for us either! I really hope you get the birth you want lovely, I know how unsettling it can be. Rachael xx

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