Coronavirus Diary 4 – Positive changes

Coronavirus Diary 4 – Positive changes

If you had told me back when I wrote my first Coronavirus diary entry I would still be writing these I would have been shocked. I’m not sure what I expected but it still just feels so surreal to be in this position still. Every day that goes by feels stranger and stranger. I always knew we’d be in it for the long haul but to still be in a semi lockdown I find really strange. I haven’t seen my family now for almost 10 weeks and it feels like a lifetime.

The coronovirus restrictions have been relaxed slightly in the UK but with me being pregnant we are still carrying on as we have been. Danny is still working from home, and Emilia and me are trying to keep each other entertained. Whilst I can understand the relaxation of the rules, even some of the slightly stranger ones I am still feeling frustrated. Frustrated with the government for not being clearer, frustrated with the general public for finding ways to twist and bend the rules to suit themselves. The whole situation is frustrating but we just have to battle on day by day.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Emilia’s behaviour seems to have been affected by the lockdown but we recently linked it to the increase in screen time.

We made the decision, possibly some what crazily to drastically reduce it. We have always been careful with screen time right from when Emilia was tiny, but as time has gone on in the lockdown it’s become easier and easier to just put it on whatever she asks. This means almost all day every day. It became impossible to entertain her, every 2 minutes I want to watch Bing or if by some miracle that wasn’t what she wanted she jumped to a different activity. She wouldn’t go outside, her sleep was awful, it just seemed to spiral out of control.

We told her we’d lost the TV remotes and that was it, she uses the ipad occasionally, no more than an hour a day maximum but has watched nothing on the TV for well over a week. And we really feel like it’s made a difference. Her sleep is getting better, and her attention span definitely is. She will sit and play for longer, she will entertain herself from time to time something she hasn’t done much at all recently and finally she wants to go and play outside again.

It is hard work as I have no real downtime, or rest but we are all happier overall. We are setting up some toys before we go to bed every night so she doesn’t ask as soon as we come downstairs. It is hard for us as she is an early riser and I need a coffee but it’s a small sacrifice especially as we are all getting a little more sleep.

Other than the TV situation our days are all pretty much the same. Sleep, eat, play repeat. It’s nice to have something to break up the monotony from time to time, whether that’s a takeaway or another antenatal appointment for me. We facetime family & friends, do Zoom quizzes and try to do different activities with Emilia as best we can. Most weekends we walk to the local woods where we can feed the ducks, as during the week we stay local. It’s nice for Emilia to be able to run about more and explore, she can climb on logs and pick up lots of sticks. She loves it and last weekend we got to see some little ducklings.

I find writing these Coronavirus diary posts really therapeutic, and it will be something for us to look back on.

It is here to stay and we are going to have to make adjustments to our lives for quite a while longer. I feel sad if I think about it for too long so I just focus on taking each day at a time. Yes it is a cliche but it’s true, when but Emilia goes to bed I’m just thankful we have all made it through another day healthy and happy.

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  1. It really is crazy how much screen time can affect them! I kind of wish I had been keeping a bit more of a diary/journal throughout lockdown… it will be so interesting to look back on one day!


  2. It’s definitely getting harder to keep them more occupied

  3. So much harder at the minute isn’t it. Got to find ways to keep them occupied but nothing ever feels good enough x

  4. I’ve really loved reading these updates! Sending love

  5. It must be so hard to keep kids occupied during all this, you’re doing a great job!

  6. It’s all so strange still isn’t it. It’s slowly become the new normal to us and I think it’s going to be a huge sensory overload for all of us when we start returning to the way life was before xx

  7. It’s good to focus on the positives.

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