Coronavirus Diary 5 – Baby Shower & a Holiday

Coronavirus Diary 5 – Baby Shower & a Holiday

Life is undoubtedly difficult at the moment, there is so much we are missing out on and unable to do including events such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings and so much more. My last diary post featured a number of things I am desperate to get back to doing in my Post Lockdown bucket list.

However despite all the difficulties last weekend was one of my absolute favourites since lockdown began back in March. The weather was amazing and for probably the first time for a full day Danny & I forgot about DIY, baby prep, housework the lot we spent a whole day outside with all our attention on Emilia. I said to Danny at one point I really feel like we are on holiday.

Obviously it’s unlikely we will be able to go on holiday abroad this year so just this one day felt like a little garden holiday.

We finally bought a bigger paddling pool which actually meant we could all fit in it. We also had our beach tent up for some shade for Emilia, suncream, sunglasses and drinks flowing (non alcoholic for me) it couldn’t have been better. It just felt like such a relaxed and enjoyable day. We forgot about everything going on and just enjoyed that day for what it was, a gorgeous sunny family day.

But my lovely weekend didn’t end there, on Sunday afternoon I was surprised by my friends with a virtual baby shower.

I’m not sure I have ever been so overwhelmed and surprised. My friends are incredible, and they have form with surprising me with incredible events, including my hen do 4 years ago. I genuinely had no idea.

I had set up a Zoom meeting for us all, just thinking we were having a normal catch up and then up popped my sister, even at this point I still just wondered what she was doing there. Then my Mum was joining, then my Mother in Law. When I saw my Mum I was getting my phone to message her to tell you I was chatting to my friends, I was so confused. And then Danny came in with balloons and a sash and my incredible virtual baby shower began.

I have no idea how they pulled it all off. Between my friends, Danny and my neighbours everything remained a complete surprise. We chatted, played games, they had organised the most incredible cake for me and then there was presents. I had never even considered a virtual baby shower but it was perfect. An amazing afternoon in such surreal times.

Being pregnant during a pandemic is actually really tough, I am now close to full term (37 weeks) and everything is just uncomfortable. There is a pressure on getting everything organised and a normal pregnancy has been taken away from you.

Add in looking after a toddler on my own for most of the day things are getting extremely difficult. Some days it honestly just feels impossible. I am so tired, but then I feel guilty as this is our last few weeks as a family of 3. I want to do everything I can to keep Emilia smiling but that takes it out of me. Emilia is doing so well, she’s very understanding and Danny is helping as much as he can but he is still working full time so it’s just Emilia & me most of the time.

Having that weekend of joy was so very much needed and it was lovely to chat with my friends and family even if it was online. Have you had any virtual events in lockdown?

All baby shower products showen were ordered from Ginger Ray.

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  1. This was such a lovely surprise that your friends did for you! Definitely one to remember x

  2. So lovely you got a surprise baby shower to bring a little bit of normality back!

  3. Casually sending this post to my friends… I want a virtual baby shower!!!! Caitylis x x

  4. I’m so glad you had your baby shower even if it wasn’t what you originally expected! Deffo a story to tell her when she’s older

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