Coronavirus Diary 6 – Negativity and Anxiety

Coronavirus Diary 6 – Negativity and Anxiety

My previous Coronavirus diary entry was quite positive, but this week I want to share more about what I have been struggling with. One thing I have really struggled with over the past few weeks, and generally throughout the whole pandemic is the negativity.

It is everywhere. Obviously the situation we are in is horrendous and the loss of life is tragic and utterly heartbreaking. I do not mean to belittle that in the slightest but as we are making progress and the stats seem to be on the decline I feel there is no one seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

This isn’t about the politics, I do not support this government and I certainly didn’t vote for them. I think they have made catastrophic errors and continue to do so. Their briefings are becoming almost pointless, they don’t explain anything about their decision making and often seem to make things complicated for the sake of it. This is more about the newspapers and those social media experts we all love.

Right from the beginning no matter what the government have done surrounding Coronavirus it hasn’t been right.

Whilst I appreciate there will always be differences of opinions and I enjoy a friendly debate, the constant negativity has really dragged me down. We should have locked down sooner, it should have been a stricter lockdown yet people couldn’t follow the basic instructions set out. Then the media seemed to rally behind a quicker easing of the measures and then complained about that seemingly inevitable second wave.

The numbers seem to be in decline and we are slowly getting more freedom yet everyone still wants to moan. I have found it’s made me more and more miserable over the last few weeks. When schools began to reopen the focus was solely on how unsafe that was, now they have done a bit of a U-turn on it the focus has switched to how detrimental it will be on children to miss out on so much school. Both valid view points but they always seem to be reported with so much bias and negativity.

There are so many examples of this, again with the support bubbles people are moaning how it doesn’t help them. Which I get it doesn’t help me either, I would love to have my family help me with Emilia, I am heavily pregnant and struggling to keep a toddler entertained on my own but I get it. They have to manage the risk, small measured steps. For me though I see it as a step in the right direction and it gives me hope that it won’t be too long before we all might be able to mix with another household.

Nothing is completely risk free when it comes to Coronavirus, there is an element of risk associated with every decision.

The government has to weigh up the impact of the virus versus the social and economic impact of the lockdown. And whilst I understand a number of their decisions seem ridiculous, trust me I think they do too, I can see the logic behind most of them albeit I don’t necessarily think it has been applied well.

Every social media posts with stats showing a steady decline is met with negativity and that second wave. Easter, VE Day, bank holiday trips to the beach haven’t caused a second wave yet we still can’t seem to focus on the progress we are making. We seem to be getting this terrible Coronavirus under control and I wish there was more out there highlighting that fact. Whilst not taking away from how devastating this pandemic has been.

I very rarely talk about things like this on my blog or social media but I have really found myself affected this past week or so.

I find it all so exhausting, the fake news being shared constantly and the negativity everywhere it has to have an affect on our mental health. For me recently I’ve had to distance myself from it and try and focus on accounts that give me some hope.

I follow thefoodmedic on Instagram for a no nonsense run down of the daily briefings. I rarely watch them on the TV and Vicky Smith also on Instagram for a more rounded view of the news. She explains a lot of what is behind the headlines. And also Professor Karol Sikora on Twitter. I appreciate some find him overly optimistic and there has been some criticism of him but personally I find his basic comparison of the statistics very reassuring.

I know that this situation is like nothing we have experienced before and everyone has their own way of dealing with it. I find focusing on the logic and the basic stats has kept me from spiralling into a pit of negativity. How do you deal with it?

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  1. I agree with so much of this. I’ve now given up watching the briefings and refuse to read anything. If there’s key information I need, I’ll get it because it’ll be plastered everywhere

  2. I have had to take a social media break, it’s too much.

    I’ve genuinely found lockdown to be a wonderful time of bonding for my blended family, we’ve honestly had the best time. My joy though doesn’t take away from those that have found it difficult to the fact that I miss my friends and family terribly.
    It was just about finding a positive in a difficult situation.
    Sadly I felt shamed and as if I should feel guilty about anything I did.

    It is a very difficult time and I am worried, I say this as I sit at my work place… a school. There are many negatives around normality resuming so quickly, but it’s important we found some positives otherwise our mental health will really struggle x x

  3. I feel like the government have done a lot, definitely not their best, but it’s such a difficult time. It’s so exhausting isn’t it x

  4. The goverment sure haven’t done things correctly. Why are we still getting so many cases/deaths. If we’d had a proper PROPER lockdown like other countries from day 1 then we’d already be most the way out of this mess! Caitylis x x

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