Coronavirus Diary 7 – crammed full update of our lives in lock down

Coronavirus Diary 7 – crammed full update of our lives in lock down

Well it’s been a long old time since I’ve posted on here, but I’m finally back. Coronavirus restrictions and adjusting to life with two has left me with very little spare time. Before I get into all the fun content I’ve got to share I thought a little update post might be a good idea. Although if you follow my Instagram you’ll know a lot already.

This is similar in style to my Coronavirus diary posts from last year, and I suppose is one in itself.

We are still under restrictions and living through the pandemic, so it’s still shaping our lives. Whilst things are slowly improving with vaccinations and case numbers dropping, life is tough and very different from the old normal.

I’ve found these more recent lock downs so much harder which I think has been the case for most people. The weather is grim and I think the general mood of the nation is very different. I have struggled immensely, I’ve found myself feeling so sluggish and unmotivated. I’ve not wanted to do anything, or even engage with the girls it’s been a constant battle. Since Boris announced his road map out of the most recent Coronavirus lock down I have been feeling more positive.

With that in mind and the ongoing restrictions in place we made the decision to start Emilia at a local nursery.

Not only did we feel she needed some time with children of her own age, I was finding it tough to provide enough stimulation for her at home. Screen time was at an all time high and I just wanted something fun for her. So far she seems to be enjoying it although drop offs are a bit of a battle she settles quickly and has fun when she’s there. We know there is risk involved as there is with anything at the moment but we definitely feel it was the right decision. I have a post planned all about the reasons behind our decision if it’s something you’d be interested in reading look out for that.

Ava is now 8 months old and just the most incredible baby. Not sleeping aside.

She has taken to weaning like an absolute pro, it’s a joy to watch her eat. She’s also developing well, waving, babbling and clapping. She army crawls around and is super determined. If she sees something she wants she finds a way to get it. I feel terrible about how much she’s missing out on but she’s such a happy soul I’m sure she’ll be fine. She is a little ray of sunshine in our lives. Again loads more coming up about Ava’s first few months, including our breastfeeding and weaning journeys.

As for me well I’m still plodding on.

As I say I have struggled a lot more recently. The ongoing coronavirus restrictions and struggling postpartum I have been finding life mentally tough. And have struggled to feel any kind of get up and go. Hair loss, weight gain, skin issues and all the usual postpartum joys hit me hard I had some really low points. But at the start of the year I vowed to make a change and I’m feeling much better already. Again I’ll share more over the coming weeks but I’m now 4kg lighter and continuing to make progress. I needed to start focusing on me and whilst I still have a way to go it’s great to be making these changes.

So that’s been our lives over the past few months. Well a very brief insight anyway. It’s been a funny few months but as things hopefully start to improve I’m looking forward to feeling positive, getting back some normality and sharing more.

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