Dear Emilia…I’ll always be your Mummy..

Dear Emilia…I’ll always be your Mummy..

…. whilst I may be sad that our time as a 3 is running out I am so excited about the next chapter in our life as a family of 4. And becoming a Mummy to two little girls.

I am sure you have realised by now that there are about to be some big changes around here. On top of all that we’ve been through over the last few months you will soon have to share your Mummy as we welcome a new baby into the house. We’ve talked about your little baby sister for a while, but I know you know that it is getting closer.

You seem excited and to understand what is about to happen but we know you don’t want to share your teddies her. I am also excited, not just about the new baby but to see you two together. I can’t wait for you to meet her for the first time, and to see how you interact with a new baby. But more than any of that I can’t wait to see your relationship grow.

I am under no illusions however that it will all be smooth sailing. I know there may be some tricky behaviour to deal with.

This will be a huge change and something that will take us all time to adapt to. The current situation and the lockdown has made me feel even more upset at how the last few months of our time together have been. We haven’t been able to do all the fun stuff we used to do, take you to the beach or the zoo. You are already having to deal with Mummy’s tiredness as she battles to look after you alone. But you have adapted so well and seemingly taken it all in your stride, so I know you will adapt to this new change as well it might just take some time.

I just know you will make an amazing big sister. You have loved helping Mummy and Daddy prepare for her arrival. Setting up her cot, getting her clothes ready, talking about giving her milk and how you want to help change her nappy. You want to take her to feed the ducks, and hold her until she gets too heavy. You love to cuddle Mummy’s tummy and are so caring already. Everytime you talk about her my heart bursts with so much love.

I did worry about having enough love for the both of you but I know from recent weeks and from how you talk about your sister that my love will just multiple. No matter how much you like to think about yourself as a big girl, or how much people tell you you are a big girl now, you will always be my baby.

You will always be my first born, the one that made me a Mummy.

Yes I will be tired from the sleepless nights, and from looking after a newborn all day but I am your Mummy as well and will always be here for you. I apologise now if my tiredness turns into impatience, it might be tough but we’ll make it through. It won’t be long until you can’t remember what life was like before your baby sister came along. Which saddens me in itself, you won’t remember what life was like just you and me. Soon our new family will be all that you know. But it will be perfect, and we will adapt.

So whilst there might be a new baby in our lives and my heart that won’t change our relationship. You will still be my baby and whenever you need me I will be here.

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