Discovering the joy of Mrs Hinch’s Army

Discovering the joy of Mrs Hinch’s Army

Everyone is talking about different things they’ve been doing in lock down and for me it’s cleaning. Yes I am slowly becoming a part of Mrs Hinch’s army! I’ve followed Mrs Hinch on Instagram for a long time, but i’ll be honest I don’t or didn’t do much cleaning. I have never been a fan of it, and since having a cleaner I haven’t needed to do much. But as with everything at the moment that has changed. First world problems I know but as our cleaner can’t come there is a lot more cleaning for me to do.

In the first few weeks of the lock down I would tackle all the cleaning in one go, blitz the house and feel completely cleaned out and exhausted at the end of it all. It would also take up half of the weekend which is the only time Danny has off from work. He’s still working albeit from home, so it wasn’t an ideal situation.

One thing I knew about from following Mrs Hinch was of course the Hinch List.

Anyone who follows her will have seen the Hinch list. And her Method products I’ve tried so far and am slowly purchasing their full range. My current favourite is their wood floor cleaner. We have wood floor through the whole of our downstairs, and cleaning it can be a nightmare. But this squirt and mop formula is so easy to use, smells gorgeous and does an amazing job in super quick time. I love it. Every time we use it I am constantly saying to Danny oh I just love this, look at how good it is. I’m not sure who is more shocked about it me or him!

I haven’t delved into the world of Fresh’n up Friday lists yet but now I’m getting on so well with my Hinch list I might. Just a few little additional jobs to freshen up the house for the weekend. There is a space for these in the Little Book of Lists as well.

I am so far behind when it comes to Hinching, but following the account is now giving me lots of inspiration. There are so many cleaning hacks and tips on there and I oddly really enjoy watching Mrs Hinch clean! It is a whole new world to me, which at 35 years old is pretty crazy. I don’t think I’ll be saying goodbye to my cleaner for good but I am enjoying my new found love of cleaning and I think my house is too!

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  1. I haven’t used my little book of lists yet 🙈 I’ve been saving it 😂. I do love Mrs Hinch though xxx

  2. It has definitely helped make me feel more accomplished having a hinch list

  3. I definitely think doing a bit each day to keep on top of it is the way to go! I used to really dislike cleaning too until I discovered Mrs Hinch! X

  4. I need to try the Method products, I’ve seen so many people raving about them!

  5. I really need to start getting on top and writing lists haha!!

  6. It’s not something I’ve ever really understood but glad you enjoy it lovely

  7. I’ve recently bought the Hinch List book and I bloody love it! It really keeps me motivated as I’m not a huge fan of cleaning lol!

  8. I love the book so much! Use it all day long! Caitylis x

  9. I absolutely love this book! It helps keep me organised and I love ticking all my jobs off!

    Rachael xx

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