How to find the best toddler activities in your area

How to find the best toddler activities in your area

Entertaining a 2 year old is not always easy. I constantly find myself wondering what to do from one day to the next. And so I’m always on the look out for fun toddler activities for us to do. I love getting out and about with Emilia. As she doesn’t go to any childcare it helps pass the days and gives her so many different experiences I just can’t give her at home. Messy play, craft sessions, gardening club, water play and forest school are just some of the things we’ve tried. It’s not always easy to find toddler specific activities or events but I’ve discovered some great places to look over the past couple of years.

I love social media for finding events and other toddler activities.

Facebook in particular is great. If you mark yourself interested in one event then you tend to find so many more. Yep it may be those pesky sponsored posts but in this instance they can be great. You can also look on the events page on Facebook and have a see if there’s anything interesting going on. There’s a specific kids section as well.

Also it’s a great idea to follow local parenting bloggers. Look on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for their accounts. They are likely to have reviews of specific events and access to share activities in your area. I find it great for seeing if certain museums or events will be suitable for Emilia as it can often be difficult to tell. And likewise local community groups on Facebook are a great one to follow. They share lots of local events and activities and some are great for little ones.

Two other great places I always look are Eventbrite and Hoop. We’ve found great toddler activities through Eventbrite including forest school and gardening club. Take a look and have a search see what you can find. Hoop is such a great app, and I find it brilliant if you are searching for a last minute activity. You can search for the day and time, filter by category and even look for free activities. We found one of our favorite classes through this app when I was just at a loose end one day and it’s now one we go to most weeks.

Other places we always find great and sometimes free toddler activities are museums, art galleries and libraries.

They often host toddler events, special story time or craft sessions. Local cafes and soft play centers are another great shout. One of our local soft play centers does a toddler morning every day, with added extras including craft sessions, messy play and they have free juice and cereal on offer. It’s great to pass a couple of hours.

And of course there’s always other Mums. We have a lovely little Whasapp group where we share activities and one off events we find. It’s not always easy to chat to Mum’s at groups but it can be so worth it. We all met at either Baby Sensory or later at Toddler Sense and it’s great to have a group of Mum’s with similar aged children. We often go to toddler activities together and meet for play dates.

Hopefully this helps you out if you’re ever looking for something to do with your little one. I often find it hard to find things to do but by putting a little bit of effort in each week we get to do lots of fun, different and often seasonal activities together. I am going to be sharing reviews of some of our favorites so keep a look out for those.

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