My 1 top tip for effortless Potty Training

My 1 top tip for effortless Potty Training

I know the lock down is meaning quite a few parents are considering potty training, so I thought I would finally share a bit more about our experiences. For us potty training was actually a long time in the making. It was around a year ago when we first bought a potty. However I like to keep things simple so this approach was perfect for us. I know some people choose to do early potty training, others a more intense approach once they see some signs of readiness but for us waiting and taking Emilia’s lead has paid off.

We actually first saw some signs of readiness at around 18 months old and so we bought a potty.* I felt like it was really early so at this stage it was just an introduction with no real pressure to use it. We were also recommended the book Once Upon a Potty* which I would highly recommend getting and using to help explain the purpose of it.

We left the potty out for Emilia to use if she wanted to.

We didn’t push it, just explained that if ever she was without a nappy in the house she used the potty. We had lots of accidents until eventually it just seemed to click. We didn’t do lots of nappy free time or stay in the house for days on end we just let her have her nappy off whenever she wanted.

Potty training wasn’t all all plain sailing though, introducing pants was a whole other challenge.

Whenever we tried there were accidents. This just resulted in us waiting longer before trying again and again there was no pressure. We were always conscious that it was relatively early so waiting wasn’t an issue, there was never any rush.

Waiting really paid off for us as one day it all just seemed to clicked. Emilia asked to wear pants herself one day and we went for it. From that point on she’s been nappy free. We’ve only had a couple of little accidents.

In terms of our potty training journey my one biggest tip would be wait a little and take the pressure off. Introduce the potty when you see signs of readiness but don’t feel you have to push it or get it done by a certain point. Some little ones may take to it straight away or they may take a little longer, but there is no harm in waiting. We haven’t used any type of reward charts just allowed Emilia to become comfortable with it in her own time.

I felt really uncertain about finally taking the plunge, and not prepared at all.

In the end it all happened really quite quickly. I rushed out for extra pants, and cheap leggings but in reality we haven’t needed them. One other item I would recommend is a little travel potty/toddler toilet seat. We went with a Potette,* it’s perfect. It fits into the changing bag and means little ones can easily use any toilet or use it as a potty anywhere. Although I don’t think I will ever be one for whipping it out in the middle of the supermarket.

Being dry at night I believe is a hormonal change little ones have to go through, so this is really one area where you are best waiting and we still use nappies at night. Although they are dry every morning and Emilia will generally wake up if she needs a wee.

Emilia has absolutely smashed it in my opinion. She was totally ready and it’s been a quick, smooth transition from nappies to pants. My little girl is growing up.

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  1. Oh god I am not looking forward to potty training! Good luck lovely!

    1. You’ll be fine, don’t put too much pressure on yourself just follow your little ones lead xx

  2. I hope my journey is this smooth when we start! Great job!

    1. Thank you, I’m sure it will be xx

  3. Well done Emilia! I think you just know when they’re ready and it definitely makes the process much easier, doesn’t it! X

  4. We’re starting potty training soon so this is so helpful

  5. That’s brilliant Rachel! Sounnds like shes taken to it really well. I’ve tried a couple times with theodore but he’s always got so upset to why his nappy isn’t on ect. I’ve had a few tips to do with rewards so I’m going to give that a go next time I think! Caitylis x x

  6. Feels like ages until ari will be potty training but I reckon it’ll fly by!

  7. I remember when my friend was potty training her daughter, she refused for ages but then one day she just decided that she didn’t want to wear a nappy anymore!

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