My Post Lockdown Bucket List

My Post Lockdown Bucket List

Who doesn’t love a good bucket list? I’ve seen a few bloggers share their bucket lists for when lockdown ends so for this week instead of a Coronavirus diary post I thought I would share my post lockdown bucket list with you. You can check out my last diary post here.

I’m sure we have all been thinking about what we want to do first post lockdown and as the weeks roll on it feels more and more important to us to get that post lockdown bucket list ready. Obviously mine includes lots of family, friends and adventures although some may be on hold with a newborn.

  • Hug all my family – It’s been 11 weeks since I’ve hugged my Mum and longer since i’ve seen my Dad & my sister. My Mum was with me when they announced pregnant women were on the vulnerable list and advised to take extra precautions for 3 months so we had time to say goodbye, but it’s been a long time now and I’m definitely ready for more hugs. And to see my Dad and sister who I haven’t seen for even longer.
  • Go out for a big family meal – We actually had a couple of family meals booked that have had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus. A massive family meal with Auntie’s, Uncles and Cousins that took us so long to arrange, and an Easter meal with my parents, sister, brother in law and their kids. It feels like such a long time that we were all together, and our meals out were always so much fun, lots of food, fizz, cocktails and chat.
  • Go to a Football Match – This may seem crazy to some but wow I miss football. I miss going to the match with my Dad as it was some one on one time for us and something we have done together for a long time. But I also just miss the buzz around football, the team news, the results, where we’ll be in the league. Football is a huge part of my life and yes I definitely miss it.
  • Spend time with my Friends – We all have little ones and as I may have a tiny baby dinner drinks may have to wait. But anyway I get to see my closest friends again will be fine with me. Play dates, lunch, whatever it may be I just want to give them all a massive squeeze.
  • Take Emilia on all the fun trips she’s missed out on – I’m thinking swimming, the park, the beach, kids museums like Imagine That in Liverpool, Eureka and the toddler sessions at the Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester. I know I may have to do these with a baby in tow next time but I am determined to get back in to taking her to exciting places as soon as possible.
  • Date Day/Night – Whilst we are lucky Emilia goes to bed early and we get the evenings to ourselves it’s not the same as going out for a nice meal and getting a proper break. Who knows how soon we will be able to do it with a new baby, even a lunch out just the 2 of us will be amazing. We are spending our 4th wedding anniversary in lockdown so hopefully we can celebrate that as soon as we get the chance.
  • Spa Day/Pamper – I feel like I’ve really missed out on some me time, I had some lovely pregnancy massages with Emilia, had my nails done and went to birthing classes. This time I feel like lockdown has left me feeling a mess before the baby has even arrived. My hair needs a good cut & colour, my nails need some TLC and just generally I could do with a nice pamper. I’m hoping even with a newborn I can get some time to treat myself when this is all over.
  • Book a Holiday – We actually had no set plans for a holiday this year, we would usually go away in June but obviously pregnancy and the baby has already put paid to those plans. We had considered Portugal in September or I would love to go to Disneyland Paris at Christmas but I think in the circumstances it is likely we will leave holidays until next year now. It would be nice to have something booked to look forward to though.

It is so hard to imagine what normal will be like when this is all over, but hopefully it won’t be too long until I can enjoy some of the things I’ve missed and see family and friends. Do you have a post lockdown bucket list?

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  1. Lots of things that i am missing too but so looking forward to, I’ve realised it’s the little things I’ve been missing the most. Oh i do hope you get to Disneyland Paris at some point though, eureka is fantastic too, i remember the loads of times i visted as a child! Thanks for sharing 😊

  2. So many similar things on my list! The little things are just as important as the big things

  3. A lot of these are like mine! The little things make the biggest differences x

  4. I love reading blogs like these, they give me so much inspo

  5. I can#t wait to book a holiday, a spa day would be lovely too!

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