My pregnancy skincare favourites

My pregnancy skincare favourites

When I found out I was pregnant, I noticed a few of my favourite skincare products contained ingredients that are best avoided. In terms of the products I was using it was Retinol and salicylic acid that I read are best to avoid. There may be others so always check anything you use. I decided to streamline my products and am now using just a few for both my face and body. I really think it’s important to look after your skin in pregnancy and after, it is a lovely bit of self care for any new Mum.

Skincare is something I take quite seriously, I don’t have naturally great skin.

I have researched a number of brands, and tried a number of brands. Dermalogica is definitely one of my all time favourites. And one of my top products from their range that is suitable for pregnancy is the Ultra Calming cleanser. It’s really gentle and great for sensitive skin. My skin always feels really clean after and it helps keeps any breakouts at bay.

In terms of moisturiser I need something quite hydrating, I really suffer with dry skin especially in the winter. The Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream is the perfect moisuriser. I tried some other products in this range and loved them and this is no different. It is really lightweight and doesn’t feel greasy but it really helps keep my skin feeling well hydrated. I use this every morning and feel the effects all day.

The Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil should be on everyone’s skincare hit list in my opinion. I use this as a night time moisturiser. Since the day I first used it I have been in love. It smells delicious and the inclusion of lavender oil makes it a perfect addition to my bedtime routine. My skin always feels amazing and looks fresher when I wake up.

I am also making sure I take more care of my skin overall, so there are a couple of body skincare products I have been using recently which I love.

The Sanctuary Spa wet skin moisture miracle is a fab product for busy mum’s and it’s really helped my dry skin throughout winter. It can be applied to wet skin straight out of the shower, so I can hide in there for a few more minutes and look after my skin. Bonus! I find some moisturisers take ages to soak in and I just never find the time to apply then, but this one doesn’t feel like that. I have been using a small sample bottle that I got in a Christmas gift set, once that runs out I will definitely be buying more.

And finally bump care. Once my bump started to grow I went on the hunt for a good cream to use on it. In my first pregnancy I never found one I loved as much as I love the Fantastic Skin Elastic from the Expert Midwife. Not only is it designed to help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks it’s great for relieving any itchy skin. The Fantastic Skin Elastic only has a mild smell but it’s one I really like. The cream doesn’t soak in too quickly so it’s great for using on your bump, and you can spend time massaging your little baby bump.

After having Emilia I really let my skincare routine slip, and my skin was the worst it’s been in a long time. I’m hoping that by streamlining my routine this time around I will be able to continue the same routine when the new baby arrives. I will need to take care with the products I use whilst breastfeeding as well so hopefully I can keep any post natal breakouts to a minimum.

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  1. Ooooh I like the sound of that Kiehls oil – I need something hydrating as well, have such dry skin at the moment!

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