Newborn – 4 Sustainable Swaps

Newborn – 4 Sustainable Swaps

I have made a massive effort over the past few months to research sustainable swaps we can make with a newborn. Whilst we have always been aware of the need for sustainability but I didn’t make a huge effort to make any changes when we had Emilia. Taking the easier option I suppose with disposable everything! I feel a lot more confident this time around to make some important swaps to live more sustainably with a newborn.

Sustainable Swaps – Cloth Nappies

We used reusable nappies for a short time with Emilia once she got older but didn’t manage to switch to them full time. With baby 2 I would like to try and use cloth from the beginning or at least as near to day one as possible. I think it will be easier to get into the habit early on, before baby girl is used to disposables. I have spent quite a long time researching different brands, reading blog posts and asking friends and decided to purchase some newborn specific nappies. One of the most recommended was Baba+Boo so I purchased their newborn starter kit.

I am going to see how we go on with these at first, alongside some disposables and then look to build up my stash. I am not putting pressure on us or myself to go full time but I hope to use more reusable as time goes on. I feel like there is a lot for us still to learn in terms of fit, brands, liners but I am more than willing to learn. Apart from anything else the nappies are so cute.

Sustainable Swaps – Cloth Wipes

We have used cloth wipes for a while now and I find them so much better than disposable wipes. I think they will be brilliant for newborns. We have been using Cheeky wipes for around a year now and they are still going strong. I think we may need to buy more to use them full time with a newborn but we will see how we get on. I love their starter kits as a quick and easy way to switch. You don’t have to buy specific kits though as they can be expensive I just found this a good way to get into reusable wipes.

Sustainable Swaps – Reusable Maternity and Breast pads

This is something I have been researching quite a lot and whilst initially I may use disposables after the first few days I would like to try and switch to reusable. It is not something I have purchased yet and I do want to look into it a little bit more. But I have done some research particularly into reusable breast pads and I do think this will be a relatively easy swap. If anyone has any recommendations however in terms of breast or maternity pads let me know. I definitely need to find out more.

Sustainable Swaps – Second Hand

With Emilia we pretty much bought everything new, and whilst I love the idea of doing that again we will be making an effort to reuse and buy second hand. You can check out my blog post on the baby products we love and will be using again here.

We sadly didn’t keep too many of Emilia’s smaller clothes as she got a lot of use out of them so I have had to buy some new. With the current situation surrounding coronavirus I made the decision to purchase a small number in tiny baby and newborn but going forward I will reduce the amount of new purchases. We also kept a lot of Emilia’s toys so hopefully anything new we may buy we can ensure it’s sustainably made.

These are the big changes I want to make this time around, I am far from perfect when it comes to sustainability but I really don’t think these will impact on our lives too much. Have you made any other sustainable swaps in relation to your newborn? I’d love to know if there’s anything more we can look into.

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  1. I love cloth bums!!

  2. Although it’s not directly relevant to me, I loved reading this! It’s amazing the way the world is changing to be more sustainable. It’s a change that’s definitely needed xx

  3. Well done on making so many changes!

  4. Love this post. I would love to use cloth nappies with Elara but I feel like you need more space, if that makes sense. I’ve only ever seen American setups when they have a utility room or garage to soak nappies. I would love to know more about reusable nappies!

    1. I will definitely share more as we go on, it’s definitely easier than you think.

  5. Well done on making these swaps, I’m sure they will make a difference! I need to look into easy swaps we can make to try and help too x

  6. We have cloth wipes and I really wanna get into the nappies! Great post

    1. It’s easier than you think. Just try with a couple and see how you get on xx

  7. I don’t have kids but I use cloth sanitary towels and face pads, they’re so good!

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