Our Toddler Bedtime Routine

Our Toddler Bedtime Routine

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We have had a bedtime routine with Emilia since she was tiny, we probably started at around 12 weeks old if not before. It has evolved over the years as she has got older but lots of elements have remained the same. I definitely think having a routine has benefitted us over the last couple of years.

Emilia has a bath pretty much every night, it is part of her bedtime routine which signals sleep time and allows her a last chance to play and mess around.

We have lots of different bath toys and have recently purchased some more. Including some ” class=”rank-math-link”>numbers and letters*. And some squirt toys* for a bit of fun, as she loves to squirt water at Mummy and Daddy! We use Infacare in her bath, which creates some fun bubbles and Child’s Farm as a body wash. She sometimes has a banana in the bath if she’s hungry and then we brush her teeth.

We head straight into her bedroom and it’s Pyjama time. We use ” class=”rank-math-link”>Child’s Farm moisturiser* on her every night as she often struggles with small patches of eczema on her skin and we find this best to keep them under control. Emilia still has a nappy at night, I really think we need to take the plunge and put her in pants as it has been consistently dry for a while but for now I feel more comfortable with her having a nappy. She rarely wakes for a wee anymore either.

Emilia likes to pick her own pyjamas, so generally we offer her a choice. Once her pyjamas are on, it’s time for me to say good night. We have a kiss and a cuddle, say I love you and good night. Then she has some time with Daddy reading a story. Again her favourite thing to do is pick her own story. Now Emilia has a toddler bed we read her story whilst she sits on the bed instead of in the chair. I think this helps when she is ready to fall asleep.

After a story, it’s lights out. Since we have cut out Emilia’s nap bedtime begins around 5:30/5:45 and she is asleep by 6:30. It has helped massively Danny working at home as he only finishes working at 5:30 so would never be home for bedtime if he was in the office. We have found Emilia falls asleep so much easier since cutting her nap and doesn’t often require any input from us.

We now use the ” class=”rank-math-link”>gro clock* as a night light for Emilia so as part of her routine we set it to nighttime. It is currently set to daytime at 5:30 as she used to only sleep until around then. We are considering moving it to later as she often sleeps until 6 or just after so we would prefer this to be her get up time. These times do suit us though as we enjoy the longer evening and are used to the early starts.

The gro clock does seem to have helped as often she was waking at 4:30 and wanting to head downstairs. We don’t have that anymore and whether it is down to the clock or not she does seem to sleep longer in the mornings again. It wasn’t a quick fix but over a few weeks it seems to have changed her sleeping pattern.

This works for us and has done now for a long time. We have made alterations as I say but generally the structure of our bedtime is the same. I wouldn’t say Emilia is a great sleeper, she’s still not one for consistently sleeping through the night but bedtime is for the most part stress free.

Do you have a set bedtime routine for your toddler or do you tend to go with the flow more?

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  1. Loved this Rachel. Elaras routine has completely dissapeared since lockdown has begun. We usually do bath book bottle bed and she loves that. But sometimes it doesn’t get her sleepy and she’s still awake hours later!

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