Packing my Hospital Bag for Baby #2

Packing my Hospital Bag for Baby #2

At almost 32 weeks pregnant the time has come to think about hospital bags. I definitely wasn’t prepared this early with Emilia, hospital bag packing was a bit of a whirlwind for my first pregnancy. We’d recently moved, were undergoing massive renovations and I had no idea what I needed. It was all so new to me. And then the bags didn’t even make it to me until after Emilia was born (that’s a whole other story) so all the bits I packed for the birth were irrelevant.

I definitely over packed and I want to be a little bit more reserved this time around whilst also being conscious that there may be a chance I can’t have visitors to bring me anything I forget.

As there is a worldwide pandemic going on I wanted to be prepared so I ordered a Birth Bag a while ago. Their bags are fab and contain a lot of the items I would need. I was really impressed with them, the essentials kit contains enough for labour and one night in hospital and they have tried to opt for more environmentally friendly items where possible. You can check them out on Amazon here* and i’ll mark all items with a + that came in the bag.

For Me

  • Maternity Notes & Birth plan – this only covers the basics of what I would and wouldn’t like to happen, I know this can change but I’d like to feel as in control as possible all being well.
  • Nightie – I have ordered a cheap one online – dark coloured!
  • Clean PJs – Breastfeeding Friendly, I am taking a pair of comfy PJ bottoms I already own and nursing vests to wear with instead of buying new.
  • Dressing Gown – instead of packing full PJs I will use this to cover up if cold.
  • Sports Bra (for water birth if possible)
  • Underwear – Big Pants x 5
  • Nursing bras/Vests
  • Maternity Pads+ (I am taking disposable to the hospital but plan to use reusable once home)
  • Reusable Breast pads+
  • 2 x Towels
  • Clean clothes to wear home – Joggers, BF vests, hoodie
  • Slippers+/Flip Flops
  • Phone & Charger
  • Kindle
  • Positive Birth Company Affirmation Cards
  • Water Bottle and reusable straws
  • Snacks – Cereal bars, isotonic drinks, and all the sweets! All I wanted to eat after I gave birth to Emilia was sweets, so I plan to be prepared this time around.
  • Toiletries – see separate list

Hospital Bag Toiletries

  • Body Wash+
  • Shampoo/Conditioner+
  • Lip Balm+
  • Moisturiser
  • Natural Birthing Company Essentials Set – includes Cooling Body Spritz, Calming Massage Oil, Soothing Bottom Spray, Relaxing Pillow Mist
  • Nipple Cream
  • Deodorant
  • A small selection of make up – mascara and blusher
  • Hand Sanitiser and Hand cream
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste+
  • Hair brush and hair bands+
  • Wash cloth+

For Baby

  • Sleepsuits – 2 x Tiny Baby, 2 x Newborn
  • Vests – 2 x Tiny Baby, 2 x Newborn
  • Hat for after birth (I am planning to take the same one we used for Emilia)
  • Going home Outfit including cardigan
  • Nappies+, Wipes+ and cotton wool
  • Cellular blanket
  • 3 x Muslin Cloths+
  • Car seat for the journey home

When you write it out it seems like such a lot, it’s a fine balance between packing enough that you don’t need something you can’t get it but not overpacking. I will encourage Danny to pack a small bag with a change of clothes, and some toiletries as well as you just don’t know how long you’ll be there for. I definitely think the situation with Emilia made me realise that you can cope with a lot less than you think, but it’s nice to have everything you want and need ready.

I read a lot of other blogger posts around their hospital bags and what they packed before creating my own list, you can check them out here:

Packing your hospital bag definitely makes everything feel that little bit more real, we will soon be bringing another baby home to make our family of 4 complete.

I hope I’ve got everything, but drop me a comment if you think I’ve missed anything important.

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  1. Looks like you’re ready to go!

  2. Good advice .. so exciting 💕

  3. There’s so much more to pack than I thought! So exciting getting it ready though x

  4. I’m so excited for you!!!

  5. So exciting! Ioved packing mine although didn’t end up needing it! X

  6. Oh god I took a small plane suitcase, a backpack and a large carrier bag full of food. Definitely went OTT.

  7. Oh this is so exciting! I remember packing loads and we barely used anything Hahaa. I had loads of snacks and couldn’t stomach anything! You know I’m not well if I’m off my food lol!

  8. Sounds fab! What an exciting time! x

  9. Ahhh I can’t believe how quickly it has come around! I remember you announcing your pregnancy in the Twitter chat! I’m so excited for you xx

  10. Wow, there’s such a lot that you need to take! I wouldn’t have thought of half of these!

  11. Gosh there’s so much to think about

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