3 ways to prepare for a Positive birth Experience

3 ways to prepare for a Positive birth Experience

It doesn’t matter how your labour starts, or whether your birth goes to plan or not, it is still possible to have a positive birth experience. It is about feeling informed and in control however the labour develops.

One thing I have found when it comes to giving birth is most women are very quick to talk about the negatives. We see negative portrayals of birth on the TV and there seems to be very little around positive birth. I’m hoping these tips and techniques will help you drown out the negativity and prepare for your positive experience.

I didn’t have a particularly difficult labour or birth with Emilia, but it all happened so quickly I had no time to really take in what was happening. I never felt overly concerned or worried about giving birth, I took time to make informed decisions about my birth plan but also knew there would have to be room for changes and flexibility. Every labour and birth is so different so I wanted to focus on being in the most positive mindset for when baby number 2 arrives. And hopefully have a smoother start to my labour.

Get Informed

For me one of the biggest things was learning as much as possible about labour, birth, my options and making sure I Throughout both pregnancies I have done Daisy Birthing classes, with Emilia I did them in person locally and this time with Coronavirus restrictions I have done the classes online. The classes provide a great mix of information, movement and relaxation so they can really help you feel fully informed and educated which can only make you feel more empowered.

This time around I have also done the online Positive Birth Company course, which enforces everything I’m learning in Daisy. The bonus content you get with the Positive Birth company is great as well, there are birth preference templates and music you can download to use during birth. I have also have the accompanying book, Hypnobirthing: Practical Ways to make your birth better.

Feel Empowered

Being informed is definitely one way of feeling more empowered, but this time around I have found birth affirmations so helpful. You can listen to them, read them and even save them on your phone. I bought a small pack of positivity from the Positive Birth Company, you can find them here and I’ll be popping them in my hospital bag nearer the time as well. Having the affirmations around your home can help to reprogram the subconscious mind, they can help you believe in your ability to birth your baby and that is something really positive.

Be Relaxed

One of the most important things with labour is being relaxed, there are so many things you can do to make the environment more relaxing, dim lights, relaxing smells, calming sounds try and think about it all. And both the Positive Birth Company and Daisy Birthing teach breathing techniques to help you through the birth. These will really help you feel more in control and relaxed which will help in so many ways. The calmer you feel the more likely you are to ensure the decisions you make are positive for you whatever way they go.

My birth plans have been a bit all over the place with the coronavirus situation, so at times it’s been difficult to remain positive. The birth centre I had my heart set on giving birth at was closed, and I had to come to terms with possibly giving birth alone. I wanted to make sure I was armed with as many techniques as possible to keep me feeling positive and in the right mindset to have the positive birth that I want whatever the situation. Luckily as things have eased slightly the birth centre is back open and it seems I will be able to have Danny with me.

It can be so difficult when you’re pregnant to feel positive about giving birth but I hope this post gives you some tips to help you prepare for the positive birth experience you deserve.

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  1. 3 simple yet brilliant pieces of advice

  2. Hynobirthing has always intrigued me, definitely want to try it when I have a baby. So important to stay positive during birth. Great advice x

  3. Love this! I really hope you have a nice calm birth. I practiced hypnobirthing all the way through my pregnancy but I just forgot everything when I went into labour and panicked! If I’m l lucky enough to have another baby then I will remain calmer! Xx

  4. This post seems like it would be really helpful to anyone expecting their first baby!

  5. I love all of these! So important to try and go in with a positive mindset!

  6. Hope you have a good birth my lovely. I tried to study for hypnobirthing after Rupert’s birth for Rubens but we just wouldn’t have used it because it was such a hard labour

  7. Good advice

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