Toddler Books we love

Toddler Books we love

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We have been reading to Emilia from pretty much day one, and I love that she loves reading. I thought I would share some of our favourite toddler books with you so that you might find some ideas for your little ones. We have huge boxes full of books, but there are definitely some that Emilia loves more.

As I mentioned we have boxes and boxes of books, so we make sure we keep them rotated so Emilia has different ones to read. We have a small selection in her room, and she has 2 small shelves in her playroom. Although she does love to sit with the big boxes and just go through them all from time to time. I love listening to her read stories to herself making up bits from the pictures or often she remembers the words. I will continue to nurture her love of reading as it’s such a wonderful thing to have.

I’m sure a lot of little ones love the Julia Donaldson books but they are definitely some of Emilia’s favourites.

We have quite the selection and are constantly adding to them. They are perfect toddler books. Some of our current favourites include The Gruffalo, Highway Rat and Room on the Broom*. But one I love to read is a fairly new one The Smeds and the Smoos* it is a really lovely story and has a great sentiment behind it. Plus it is a really fun read.

Another series of toddler books Emilia absolutely loves are the Oi Frog and Friends books.

These are ones she’s definitely started to enjoy more as she’s got older. She loves the rhymes, and the silly animals. She also loves looking at the pictures and the books get lots of laughs out of her. We have Oi Frog*, Oi Cat and Oi Dog and we recently got her a sticker activity book from the series which she has loved. Great entertainment.

One thing I have found with Emilia is she loves the small little collections of hand held books. We have quite a few including Beatrix Potter, Gruffalo and Paddington and she will sit and read the to herself for ages. We also have some small Disney books that came in an advent calendar which she loves to read. I think as these are small short stories she can remember the stories easily so likes to sit and read them to herself or her teddies it is very cute.

There are also lots of individual books that we read a lot, some new and some classics. Often Emilia will want to read the same book every night for a few nights and then switch. Her current bedtime favourite is We’re going on a Bear Hunt, which she can read herself really well. The Tiger who came to Tea is another one that often gets pulled out to be read at bedtime and is a lovely story. She also really enjoys Wonky Donkey* which I have to say is a hilarious book, which gets lots of laughs from all of us. And lastly Giraffes Can’t Dance which again has a lovely sentiment and is so nice to read.

We have so many books for Emilia it is hard to write about them all but these are definitely some of our current favourites. I love finding new books for Emilia to read, it is lovely to read with her through the day and she always has a story with Daddy at bedtime. I hope you have enjoyed reading about our favourite toddler books, I would love to hear of any of your favourites?

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  1. Rory has so many books! We love Julia Donaldson too but Rory’s favourite is Dear Zoo!

  2. Anything by Julia Donaldson is a must. When I worked in a school all of the children loved them! x

  3. I’ve seen the videos of people reading wonky donkey and I really want to get it for Theodore it’s on his amazon Wishlist! Caitylis x x

  4. I’ve been reading to my kids from Day 1 as well. They love it so much. Can’t wait to go shopping for some more books for them, thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll pick the next book from here!

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