Why I love life as a stay at home Mum

Why I love life as a stay at home Mum

Being a stay at home Mum isn’t for everyone and I honestly never thought it would be for me.

When I found out I was pregnant with Emilia back in February 2017 I was living in a city center townhouse working as a self employed Personal Trainer. I loved my life. Although we had decided we wanted a baby it was a big upheaval for us. We moved to the suburbs, fully renovated our house (well we still are) and settled into family life. Moving away from the city center I gave up my position as a Personal Trainer at a gym and knew I’d have to start up from scratch again in the future.

My plan originally was to have a few months off and then get back to working in fitness. I had some big ideas.. But as we all know plans don’t always pan out. Looking after a toddler I just couldn’t find the motivation, starting from scratch again and setting up a whole new business I never found my focus. I just wanted to stay with my little girl.

There were other reasons as well. Financial we weren’t sure how it would work out. We couldn’t afford childcare unless I was earning enough and that doesn’t happen immediately with a start up business. There were times at the beginning of my Personal Training career when I had nothing coming in. It took me a long time to build a successful business.

As time passed I was lucky that we could find ways to make our finances work and I continued to stay at home. We started to talk about the idea of another baby and so again it seemed like that would be another situation which a new business might not survive. I’m now pregnant with baby number 2 and any new career plans are on hold for a while.

I do love my new life as a stay at home Mum though.

Yes there are often days I wish I could head off to work in the morning, drink hot coffee and talk to other adults. Even just to go to the toilet in peace but right now I wouldn’t change things. More often than not I love being a stay at home Mum.

I love that I get to see everything, every first and watch my little girl grow. I am helping her develop and showing her the world. I love that I am the one that understands her little language, and can interpret what she wants. I love that I can wear pyjamas all day if I want and introduce Emilia to the joys of Disney. I love chilling with my little best friend, she fills my day with so much joy and laughter.

Being a stay at home Mum is relentless, it’s tough and demanding. Yes there are days when it’s tempting to pour a glass of wine at 11am (not whilst pregnant obviously) but it’s also so so rewarding. Getting to share everyday with Emilia is worth all the tough moments.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve found a happy balance.

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